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Services for Buyers

A personal agent completely dedicated to your need and to find the perfect property for you at the best conditions. Please, check our service and ask information..

We suggest the optional service “Due Diligence” for the appropriate check-up on the chosen property before the purchase’s proposal.

This service consists in the following legal, technical, economic and financial activities:

  • Legal: check up of the legal status of the property to exclude any potential problems. In particular check up of notary deed, cadastral certificates, and detrimental act such as mortgage.
  • Technical: check up of the correspondence between the effective status of the property and the cadastral topography, quality of the status of the structure such as consistency, safety, and environmental, structural and plant design analysis.
  • Economic: present and potential monetary estimation as well as placement in the market trend.
  • Financial (in the case of credits). Analysis and estimation of the credit recovery (procedure, time, costs).

Tuscany is full of investment opportunities such as a farmhouse to be restored. Make your dream house true is not only exciting but can be also the most economic solution.

Despite that, many abandon the project because of the amount of bureaucracy and efforts required.

For this reason, we have a specialized team to assist you and make every action and project easy and enjoyable so that you dream will be a pleasure and not a burden.

Please, check our One Stop Service and ask for free for the expert advice.

We have created a specialized guidebook and provide an expert-advisor to purchase the property with serenity and to know all of the technical, legal and fiscal aspects.

Services for Sellers

You property will be inserted in our database and matched-fitted with the potential buyers.

Within 24 hours after the selling instruction reception, your property will be matched and fitted with the selectioned characteristics and research parameters inserted by the buyers

The next step is a private interview with our agents to know the specific needs of both the sellers and buyers.

All of our activity is also promoted and supported through media-press that yet is one of the best appealing medium.

We use high quality coated journals that target specific person and charming context such as luxury hotels, sectorial trade show and prestige meeting points. Esthetics is an important point of our agency and communication.

Watching a property in the best journals and among the best properties in Tuscany is always a matter of prestige.

In the nowadays property market, professional photography is important to rise the interests of people and to communicate the “essence” of the property, highlighting its best sides.

Therefore, we offer a professional photography service to put on the spotlight the best of your property. You can also use the photos for private purpose and promotion. As Oscar Wilde said: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

May Adv

ABOUT US: Continuous training in our team, allow us to work with innovative equipment and filmin techniques, this is the demonstration that a team passion, rather than a single subject, combined with the constant projection of their work into the future, can create a professional able to support the customer from concept to delivery of the promotional product. Commercials, photo shoots, video for companies and tour operators, or for product and service promotion are just some examples of our work and our solid skills. Our goal is to provide a product able to tell the story and the quality of a company, an area or people who are part of it, all with a professional and film imprinting.

AERIAL VIDEO SHOOTINGS WITH DRONE: A team specialized in air filming with professional drones that carries on stabilized aerial high definition and 4K video by a careful selection of quality products, constant research and experimentation. Fluid aerial views with cinematic style that you can exploit in your creative project. Strong emotional images that make the final video attractive and engaging, allowing beauty celebration and attraction through unique images and perspectives never seen.

PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES: Today the meaning of photography has changed considerably compared to the past and this is even more true in commercial and promotional field. In the society that communicates through images, photography must be able to attract attention and communicate with the public not only the product offered by the company, but also the atmosphere and the emotional experience that such service and brand are able to cover. Our team will focus its work not only on the product representation, but on the experience creation for the audience who watch the image, ensuring communication strength and instant feedback.

EMOTIONAL VIDEOS: The communications made through video is an effective and dynamic tool , great for promoting and telling products and services . In this context , the ability of observation of those working to the realization of the images is a basis and represents the difference in the construction of a flexible product , able to adapt to the needs of each customer and capable of enhancing the specific aspects of the product .
Our team is characterized by the creation of engaging videos , realistic and above all able to fascinate and capture the public’s attention.

Via S.Quasimodo 34 – 52100 Arezzo
Phone: +39 3920542526 –

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The 80% of clients of ToscanaHouses are foreigners thanks to our wide capacity of networking and promotion.

We are always investing a lot of resources into the constant web marketing so that will be easy to promote and communicate worldwide in every language.

Our agency offers high visibility thanks to our web networking that guarantees 800.000 visited pages per year and 70.000 alone visitors.

Our experience of more than 40 years on the territory allows us to make a full rounded estimation, not only based on the intrinsic value and market trends but also on a historical one.

Services for Agencies

Adding value to our job is a basic point. This is nowadays a central point for all of the property agencies that have a correct foresight.

For this reason, we have created a number of services for our network members that offer the opportunity to improve the appealing, image and name of the agency.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”  (Zig Ziglar)

Contact us for more info.

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