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Due diligence, Restoration and interior design, Purchaise guide book

Our Services for Buyers

Due Diligence

When you have determined your interest in a specific property, after the preliminary search, we suggest our optional Due Diligence service to carry out all the appropriate checks on/and chosen property/s: we will find for you all the relevant information in order to happen as soon as possible to the proposed purchase.

What is the service?

Our qualified technicians will carry out a multidisciplinary activity aimed at the exact assessment of the property and all its features. They will then draw up a careful report on the regularity of licenses, declarations of conformity, etc. following the following reviews

  • legal: verification of the documentation as a document of origin, cadastral surveys, examination of harmful transcripts such as voluntary and judicial mortgages, contracts (e.g. leases).
  • technical/design: compliance of the state of the matter with the plan deposited (abuses, amnesty, sanatoriums), consistency of the quality and state of the building, evaluation of the costs and time required to adapt the property (repairs, remaking, change of use or redevelopment). This analysis includes the environmental aspects, the plant and the structure of the property.
  • economic: assessment of the property with regard to current and potential use, compared to the area where it is located and the trend of the reference market (residential, office, commercial or industrial).
  • financial (in the case of purchase of credits): possibility of recovery of the credit in terms of time needed to complete the procedure, quantity and costs to be advanced.

Restoration and interior design

Tuscany is a land full of opportunities and a farmhouse to renovate can certainly be one of these. Making your dream home come true is not only exciting, it can also be the cheapest solution.Nevertheless, many people prefer to avoid the possible implications that such a project requires and abandon the idea even before having analyzed it. For this reason, we put at your disposal a team of professionals able to evaluate and perform any type of intervention with fixed times and costs.

Look at our service and ask for free advice with one of our experts.

Purchaise guide book

To buy a property in peace you need to know the various technical, tax and legal aspects: for this purpose we have created a detailed guide where these issues are treated and what are the appropriate figures to complete this process.