Property Finder

Your personal dedicated agent

Your personal dedicated agent

Personal Property finder is an expert specialised in property research acting on behalf of the client. The aim is to finalise a purchase as quickly as possible and with the most advantageous conditions and offering support throughout all of these phases.

A Personal Property finder will work exclusively with a client to carry out all that is necessary in order to satisfy their requests. They will use their expertise and knowledge of the local area, selecting the most suitable offers from over 5,000 available through our network system. They will coordinate a team of experts during the research phase, and in response to choices made they will draft a preliminary Due Diligence which will enable the client to evaluate the purchase of a property.

Working alongside the most efficient experts and with the most valid tools your Personal Property finder, dedicated to your needs, will be able to accelerate the usual buying and selling processes, which undertaken on an individual basis, can take a long time, with possible frustrations and unwanted surprises. They will use all their skills to carry out a thorough research of the specific market amongst other estate agents within our network including private sellers; auctions and also properties that are not officially on the market but that may correspond to your preferences.

Years of experience in the estate sector have taught us that the biggest advantages that we can offer you as our client, is that of saving time and money.

It is for this reason that we offer, in parallel with the Standard consultation, an added service tailored to your needs in a personalised way and on a full-time basis.

This is useful for you if:

  • you are strongly motivated to make a quick purchase;
  • you want to save money (travelling, days off work, bureaucratic procedures, etc);
  • you wish to have an expert in charge of one of your most important purchases safeguarding you from the pitfalls of the market and saving you time;
  • you live far away from where you wish to make your purchase;
  • you want just one trustworthy contact person for the whole purchase procedure.

How does it work?

  • First exploratory meeting at our offices with your Personal Property finder, telephone interview or skype conference call in order to find out your needs and to understand the reasons for your purchase.
  • Personal interview/questionnaire in order to set out the main points influencing your search for real estate.
  • Providing an initial choice of properties in detailed records containing all the information pertaining to the property (address and distances, photos, descriptions, the overall structural condition of the property, type of eventual work to be done on the property, maintenance costs, etc.).
  • Short-listing of the favourite properties and analysis of the most salient points.
  • Prearranged inspection by the agent of the property in which the client has expressed a note of interest.
  • The organization of an initial viewing with the client of the chosen properties.
  • Arrangement of a second technical inspection for an expert evaluation of the preferred property; a preliminary analysis of the purchasing costs, fiscal costs and quotes for eventual restructuring or maintenance costs.
  • The drafting of a purchasing proposal and an initial contract.
  • Assisting the client until the drawing up of the final purchasing contract with all the associated formalities.

Duties of Property Finder

  • To carry out research/short listing of properties on the market using all available channels, also those indicated by the client.
  • To carry out a technical analysis of all the properties that the client may be interested in.
  • To carry out all the necessary email and telephone communications with the client, making themselves available for all exchanges (via email and telephone) with at least 24 hours notice during the working week.
  • Protecting the client from any risks associated with requests for reimbursements, commission or any other expenses originating from other agents.

If this is what you are looking for ask us for further information regarding this type of contact.