The one-stop service

The one-stop service

Your satisfaction is our main goal, so we thought of a service that answers concretely to all your needs and expectations.

Building or renovating a house is an important investment and for many people it is also the dream of a lifetime. What gives us daily enthusiasm is allowing you to realize this dream without stress and unpleasant surprises. Thanks to careful design work we created tailor-made conditions to protect your investment and allow you to dream without worries: our know-how is at the service of your serenity. This is how and why the "one stop service" was born!

This service offers many advantages, first of all the real stability of times and costs.

In the construction world, "to measure" estimates are normally adopted, which, by their nature, are subject to variations and increases.

Unfortunately, for those who venture into the industry once in a lifetime, it is not easy to see how final spending can prove to be 50% higher than the initial estimate.

With our “one stop service” we decided to adopt “all in” estimates, i.e. with protected times and costs and, to avoid any misunderstandings or unclear technical descriptions, inclusive of all the work necessary to complete the project to standard.

Our experience allows us to make concrete assessments, anticipating and avoiding most unforeseen events. We assume the contractual responsibility and the burden of any additional costs that may become necessary during the work.

To make the path that will make your dream come true, we thought to offer you a 360-degree management of the entire project.

The "one stop service" includes:

  • Drafting of the project
  • Submission of applications to the authorities responsible for obtaining permits.
  • Masonry, plant and finishing works
  • Furniture and lighting
  • Complete accommodation of the outdoor area.

To collect your wishes there will be a single contact person, who will also solve problems and update you constantly on the developments of the construction site.

Thanks to the help of modern technology, you can also intervene for any changes on the other side of the world.