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Buy to Let - Legal aspects

Buy to Let - Purchasing process

The "Buy to Let" is a great novelty in the Italian real estate scene.

Of Anglo-Saxon derivation, the "Buy to Let" allows you to finance the purchase of properties located in very beautiful and particular areas of our cities or our peninsula through their rent.

Just recently, some financial institutions active in Italy included among their products also the Buy to Let mortgage: in practice, with this type of mortgage, you are guaranteed the payment of the installment with the rent of the property you have purchased.

From the legal point of view there are no particular problems: when you have selected the property, in fact, you buy the full ownership by notary public deed, which can be followed, depending on your need as buyer, the ignition of a bank loan with advantageous agreements practiced to our agency.

We want to emphasise that this is not about buying a multi-propriety to share with others, but about buying a full title, and, as such, it is subject to the general legal and fiscal rules. After the purchase, you will sign a detailed and complete agreement in which you, the buyer, can agree with our partners in the accommodation sector how and when to manage the rental of your property.

Of course, you have and will always have at your disposal our legal and tax advisors, with whom you can already plan the most convenient way to perfect the purchase transaction.