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Our Services for Sellers

A completed database of buyers and sellers

Initially your property will be placed on our website and through our database will be cross-checked with registered customers. Within 24 hours of receiving the sales instructions, your property details will be sent to a list of potential buyers whose search criteria match the characteristics of your property.

Conversely, when buyers enter the search parameters in the portal, they will automatically create the detailed profile of a request that is immediately cross-checked with all the properties in the database corresponding to the search criteria entered.

The added value is given by our agents who carefully select all the proposals created by the system, following a private interview to know in depth the needs and requirements of our customers so as to ensure total satisfaction.

Press Media

All our work on the web is supported by advertising activities through the press, which with its traditional communication is still one of the most fascinating and attractive media.

Pages of glossy specialized magazines, aimed at specific targets, if inserted in the most exclusive charming contexts, such as luxury hotels, trade fairs and prestigious environments, are particularly appreciated by customers who prefer the quality in the type of communication of the aesthetic and creative aspect of advertising, as well as the ability to spread in the world of virtual channels (internet).

Having your property in an important magazine together with the best villas in Tuscany and Italy gives you a greater opportunity to differentiate your offer in the real estate market.

Professional photography

Currently real estate communication strategies are crucial to arouse the interest of buyers in the market, but also to give way to sellers to differentiate themselves in the wide offer. It is essential, therefore, to present your property with a clear, precise and detailed card, accompanied by professional shots that capture the soul of the property and enclose all its potential.

For you who want to enhance your property to the fullest we offer among our services the possibility of having an exclusive personalized photo book. You can reuse images to advertise the property in brochures, on virtual showcases, editorial publications, your website and on many other occasions.

Remember the importance of the famous quote: "there is never a second chance to make a good first impression!" Cit. Oscar Wilde.

Web marketing

80% of ToscanaHouses customers are from abroad, thanks to our great ability to reach worldwide requests through the network. Our company constantly uses a large investment of its resources in web marketing, so that we can guarantee our customers effective visibility, as well as the ability to easily contact us wherever they are and in any language.

To allow your property to reach potential customers from all over the world we select the best Italian and international real estate portals, as well as sponsoring through Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Evaluating the quality of the visibility of an agency in the web should be one of the first interests of each customer: recent studies have shown that about 90% of requests and searches for properties are carried out by the network. For this reason we do not miss opportunities to be always present in an influential way and currently we can boast a result of 800,000 page views per year and 70,000 unique visitors.

Property evaluation

Our team is made up of agents with a lot of experience who can carry out real estate assessments on any type of private and corporate property of any sector, using specific figures (commercial, legal, technical, oenologists, agronomists, etc.).

The knowledge of the territory and over 40 years of activity allow us to estimate a property not only based on the characteristics of the same and the trend of the market, but also thanks to the historical private, to which we can draw for verifications and analysis of similar trades in neighboring areas.