Architecture & Design

Giving space to your imagination

Giving space to your imagination

Toscana Houses is at your disposal: first to guide you on a visit only in the properties that meet your search criteria, to optimize your time, then when you will manifest interest in proceeding with the purchase proposal.

Our technicians will provide you with an accurate description of the property from the cadastral, urban and legal point of view, to allow you to effectively weigh your decision and ask all the questions you deem appropriate. After the purchase we will be at your side with our technical team for any intervention of Architecture & Design.

Thanks to our 40 years of experience in the field, we can boast among our partners specialized architects and designers among the best known and in demand in our territory, able to assist you in every detail from the project, design, up to the choice of interior and exterior furniture.

Anything that can be imagined can be realized. The contrast between a closed, measurable space, such as, for example, an area defined by walls, and an open, immeasurable space, such as the mind, is only apparent: in fact, the former leads us to the latter. And it is here, in the universe of the imagination, that design assembles the emotions in order to reproduce the living space in line with these images.