A special thanks to all our Clients

A special thanks to all our Clients

Special thanks to all our clients for their trust and affection that they have constantly transmitted us in all these years.

These have been marvelous years, a time during which we’ve met wonderful people and together we have overcome difficulties, lived hopes and achieved the successful realization of many dreams.

Thank you all so much for giving a reason for our efforts.

“The cooperation with Toscana Houses exceeded our expectations. Buying a property in foreign country can be a painful unpleasant experience, but thanks to Alexandra it was a real pleasure.
It took us several trips to Italy to find the gem we were looking for. Every visit was sharply prepared and viewings of the houses arranged in order not to waste time. Alexandra paid a lot of attention to understand what we are looking for which was also very helpful for us because during the process we also understood better our needs and were able to be more specific regarding the position, size and other characteristics of the property. Once found, Alexandra was briliant in the negotiations making both us and the seller happy with the final result.
Toscana houses helped throughout the complicated process of purchase making it looking easy) Not only that all after sale care was and still is perfect - all the utilities transfers, tax related issues or help with finding right people to take care of the property. Simply everything you need as a foreign person in beautiful but complicated country.
We would definitely recommend Toscana Houses services to anyone who wants to make their house search adventure less adventurous. Siempre grazie ragazzi!”

⎯⎯ Jan and Petr from Prague

“Dear Alexandra,
We are absolutely thrilled to extend our sincerest thanks to you, Mirella, and Paolo for your exceptional assistance in our search for a stunning seaside villa in Porto Santo Stefano.
Alexandra, your kindness and unparalleled expertise effortlessly guided us through the process, making our dream home a reality.
As we eagerly await the completion of our renovation works by next spring, we extend a warm invitation to your wonderful team to visit and witness the transformation.
We look forward to the joy of meeting you and enjoying together the beauty of our new slice of paradise.”

⎯⎯ With immense gratitude and much affection, Jackson and Matthia from Vienna

“We had a wonderful experience with Alexandra as our personal property finder!
Purchasing a home in Italy is a challenging process, much more so from another country. Alexandra went above and beyond to help us and explain things.
She is an incredibly hard worker and was often working late into the evening and then up again early the next day. She was very quick to respond to our messages and emails. She also made several trips to the home we purchased and sent many pictures and videos when we could not be present.
Her warm demeanor and experience made the stressful process easier. She helped us understand the different Italian methods and helped translate when needed.
We feel as though we have a friendship with Alexandra and look forward to visiting with her when we enjoy our beautiful home in Tuscany!”

⎯⎯ Shane and Jamie from Idaho

“I had a very positive experience with the Ercolani agency. Even though I live in Italy and speak Italian, the process of selling an important property is complex and in my case there were specific challenges with my problem that made it even more complex to sell. I have known Paolo for many years, and it was easy to work with him, but i was particularly impressed by Alexandra who was directly handling my property. She was pleasant and efficient and prepared, and prompt to respond in multiple languages to any emails and requests. In the end it was a pleasure to deal with them, and I have had enough experience with other agencies in other projects to know how valuable her contribution was. I can highly recommend her and the Ercolani agency.”

⎯⎯ John Voigtmann (The Vines) from Pienza

“Good morning, my name is Francesco and I would like to tell you my story.
Following an occasional visit to Val D'Orcia, me and my wife Elena fell in love with this stupendous territory, so we decided, a little on the spur of the moment, to go in search of a farmhouse to buy both as an investment and to prepare ourselves for a different life in the tranquillity of uncontaminated nature. Being away from home and being a little afraid of running into unreliable real estate services, I started to call several agencies in the area, but I was immediately struck by the courtesy, kindness and always precise and punctual answers of Alexandra, manager of Agenzia ERCOLANI. We therefore began a long journey with her that lasted about a year and a half. Alexandra, with great patience and punctiliousness, first introduced us to the area and then showed us various farmhouses with a wealth of information and details, like a true professional in the sector. During this long search, we were able to appreciate first and foremost her subtlety and education as well as her professional seriousness, as she never, I mean never, tried to deviate from our wishes, she always respected our ideas, guided us, and solved, as they arose, many difficulties, including and above all of a bureaucratic nature. At the end of this long journey, we realised our dream, the purchase of a beautiful farmhouse in Castiglione D'Orcia. After the deed was signed, she was constantly present for the many tasks that come with these cases.
A note goes to her partner Paolo, a very nice and absolutely serious and reliable person who was also generous with advice. Together, they definitely form a 'value-added' couple!
To conclude: in a world such as that of the property market, which is often treacherous and full of little credibility, found this agency and especially Alexandra as a contact person, was a lucky event for us. We owe above all to her the realisation of a dream in which we believed and in which she was our Fortunate Goddess.
Many thanks to the Ercolani Agency and a big hug to our Alexandra.”

⎯⎯ Francesco ed Elena from Calabria

“Dear Alexandra, We just wanted to say that the experience of working with you has been amazing. Obviously, purchasing a property in a foreign country is very complicated for us but we have felt completely comfortable, thanks to your trusted advice. You have done much more for us than your responsibility as an agent would require.
I hope we will continue to see you as we return to Montepulciano and we look forward to inviting you to our new home to share food, wine and stories (in Italian!) with you and Paolo.
Kind regards”

⎯⎯ Andrew and Ninu from Vancouver

“Dear Alexandra, I felt the need to write a few lines of thanks.
Initially, my attitude towards you (in the sense of an agency and not a personal one) was one of mistrust, due to my previous experience with agencies, which limited themselves to a colourful presentation of the property and then showed up at the deed and disappeared.
On the other hand, your professionalism, availability and kindness have never and I repeat never been lacking, giving me the support, backing and protection needed by someone like me who has made an important purchase that represents the start of a new life.
Most probably without your intervention I would never have come to live in Val D'Orcia and the Balze Rosse would not be called L'Aquila e l'Ulivo.
Thank you very much and see you soon,”

⎯⎯ Monica from Brescia

“Alexandra and her team from ToscanaHouses have enabled us to find and purchase our dream home near Siena, Toscany.
The team has arranged several viewings on our short visit to Toscana and we fell in love with one of the options.
They have greatly supported us all the way to the signing of the deeds and beyond.
Alexandra is very responsive to emails & calls, very professional and helpful.
We thank her and ToscanaHouses for all their support and highly recommend them.
Best regards,”

⎯⎯ Iris and David from Innsbruck

“I was lucky, very lucky to have sold my farmhouse to some wonderful people, but mainly because they turned to the Ercolani Immobiliare agency in Montepulciano and the agency's manager, Ms Alexandra Gurau, took care of the negotiations.
When you sell a property where you have been happy for so many years, in a beautiful place like the Val D'Orcia, it’s a great pain.
Then, if you add to that all the various bureaucratic procedures, so many, slow, long, stressful and interminable, from which it seems you can no longer come out, it seems as if you have fallen into a diabolical spiral.
But no, everything was spared and served to me on a silver platter.
A lot of the bureaucratic paperwork that I thought I would have to complete myself, my agency took care of it, not to mention my anxieties and fears of making a mistake when I saw that a situation was not resolved, my agent Alexandra Gurau, with her patience, competence and politeness, explained the situation to me. Several times it happened and I always countered that she was right. In fact they took care of almost everything, guiding and advising me I was lucky.
Thank you Alexandra and thank you Agenzia Ercolani.”

⎯⎯ Elena Capponi from Trequanda

“Dear Alexandra, I wanted to say what a pleasure it’s been having you as my agent to find my dream home. You are more than an agent, you treated me like family and gave me such personalised advice and attention. You made the whole process of buying my house so easy and clear, as everything was so different to what I am used to here in the UK.
I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me, and hope to invite you into our new home next month when I will be there with my family.
Thank you again Alexandra, you are amazing!”

⎯⎯ Sophie from Vietnam

“We had the pleasure to work with Alexandra Gurau from Toscana Houses in finding our holiday home and she was truly amazing from the beginning to the end and beyond.
As foreigners buying in Italy, it was important for us to find a good real estate agent in Italy who could not only find us a home but also guide us through the local processes and be there for us when we need them. We researched online to see who would be the best choice based on their rankings and reviews, property portfolios and quality of interactions. Toscana Houses had by far the best social media presence and were quick to reply with more information and viewing availability when requested.
We met Alexandra for our first viewing and, following that, she spent a few days with us visiting numerous properties in various locations, patiently explaining all aspects of the properties, their location and history. She is a good listener as well as being extremely knowledgable of the area and well connected which made it easy or us to find what we were after quickly and efficiently. Following that, she also took time to help us negotiate the asking price, connect us with local notaries and lawyers and other professionals involved in the purchasing process, drafted a number of contracts and, most importantly, was there to listen to our concerns and put us at ease by providing us with more information and project managing the entire processes. Her involvement was key to our success. She is organised and professional and helped us on many occasions that she didn’t have to, proving to be the best real estate agent we have ever worked with in the UK and Europe. We recommend Alexandra and her team to everyone and hope to work with her again in the near future,
Thank you!”

⎯⎯ Pavel and Chris from London

“Dear Alessandra, we are writing to thank you so much for all the attention, efficiency, and patience you have had in this milestone of our choices and final decision to finally buy the farmhouse of our dreams.
Our journey has been long and full of visits. You were able to show us the whole of Tuscany thanks to your great network and finally choose the most suitable area for us.
We live in Rome and we know that real estate reality, above all, your advice on the various areas, the importance of the territories made us choose this wonderful area of the enchanting Val D'Orcia.
With great commitment for almost a whole year, you took care of our many visits, putting us in touch with your entire team of professionals who gave us the right support to choose the ruin tailor-made for us. Now all that remains is for us to restore it together with the architectural firm you proposed and finally realise our dream.
Your care was decisive for our choice, you are the best! Thank you so much!”

⎯⎯ Con affetto Chef Boschero Fabio e Luciana Boschero from Rome

“Good evening, my name is Gabriella and I live in Pienza. I met Alexandra during my long journey over the last few years in my desire to be able to sell my accommodation that I created with so much sacrifice and love.
The years passed and so I found myself a little 'older' and decided to make a different kind of life together with my beautiful family.
Many were the agencies that brought me clients who always turned out to be uninterested in my object but then one day I was called by Alexandra who asked me for a sales assignment. I admit I was hesitant at first, after so many visits from so many agencies I was very tired and almost resigned to receiving at least one offer to buy, but Alexandra didn't give up and so I decided to give her my creation for sale. In a short time I received a view with clients in northern Italy and after not even 2 weeks the proposal. My verdict is absolute excellence! Alexandra and Paolo, the owner, are always ready to support customers with great patience and a lot of availability; they make you feel really relaxed when dealing with all phases of the sale: perfect management!!! Example of fairness, reliability, professionalism and friendliness ... not always easy to find in the real estate field nowadays, unfortunately ...
With affection”

⎯⎯ Con affetto Gabriella from Pienza

“Good morning, my name is Michele and together with my family we have owned for some time a beautiful agriturismo right in the heart of the Val D'Orcia.
It is with great pleasure that I leave this review because it would be unfair not to compliment the most historic estate agency in our area.
I did not know the owners personally, but I was intrigued by the fact that every time I passed by Corso Rossellino in Pienza there were always people in the window watching, and a kind young lady enthusiastically giving information to everyone who entered this small office right at the entrance to the town. As my family and I had a property to sell, after a pleasant appointment, we were very impressed by the professionalism and honesty of Alexandra and Paolo's valuation. Without overestimating the properties to get the exclusive assignment, they gave us an honest appraisal of the value, so I decided, together with my family, to entrust them with the assignment for a short time.
The curiosity I had turned into certainty as without their great commitment we would never have achieved our goal that we had set ourselves several years ago.
Alexandra always carried out impeccable visits, always punctual, with a brochure complete with explanatory documents about our property and above all with clients who were well targeted and not like most other agencies, meaningless empty visits, but rather with people who are actually looking to buy a structure like ours, and so after a few weeks of hard work Paolo and Alexandra finally brought us the purchase proposal we wished. We can say that their structure truly represents the dynamism, professionalism but above all the passion with which they do their work without ever losing sight of any important argument that protects their clients. Finally we would like to add, simply competent, attentive, present and available to the needs of the customer who will always feel treated as a true friend.”

⎯⎯ Michele and family from Pienza

“My name is Simone Viscardi and I am an architect.
Together with my wife Mariangela, we decided to change our lifestyle and devote most of our time to ourselves instead of our professional activities.
In connection with this, we set out to find what is normally referred to as a 'buen retiro'.
There are many places dear to our hearts, and one in particular is Val D'Orcia.
From here, the laborious and tiring search began about a year ago, maniacally exploring all the real estate proposals on the net.
There are endless ones... for all tastes and, above all, for all budgets.
Most of them are within more or less structured portals that belong to real estate agencies.
I must confess that, in most cases, it is not easy to deal with them. In several cases their level of professionalism is decidedly low (not to say non-existent) and it’s not possible to have a fair comparison with them.
If you already have a clear idea of what to look for, better... otherwise prepare yourself for hundreds of useless and impractical visits.
As to say.... everyone tries to place their product anyway, especially the most profitable one even if it fully clashes with your needs/desires.
I must admit that after going to many of them, discouragement begins to set in. There is no precise parameter to refer to. The price per square metre is impossible to define. Everything is for sale and at any price "...it depends..." your interlocutor will tell you, "...make an offer anyway, don't worry...".
Then, when we were beginning to give up hope of making our dream come true, we got to know Alexandra.
Probably the fact that she is not Italian made the difference. Her approach and willingness to 'listen and understand' our needs was fundamental.
She immediately grasped us and only showed us properties within the parameters we provided her without wasting our time. Imagine the difficulties of moving with Covid's restrictions from Milan. Alexandra hit the mark on her third visit and managed to bring us to the end of what was by no means an easy negotiation.
Our thanks also go to her partner Paolo who, together with her, worked hard to provide us with all the information (and answers) we needed.
Fortunately, who endures, wins. It has been almost a year from our first visit to Val D'Orcia to our final purchase and we thought we would not make it.
Thank you again Alexandra for all your help.
You are simply the best.”

⎯⎯ Simone Viscardi from Milan

“Dear Alexandra, I wish to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did helping us in the sale of the house in San Vincenti.
We would not have made it without your help.
We really appreciated your professionality and pro-activeness during each step of the procedure. We always felt we were in very good hands and that our interests were taken care of.
You kept us informed regularly, updated us constantly. This was particularly precious for us in these difficult Covid times when we could not come to Italy.
I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone needing help for a purchase or sale in Tuscany.
Kind regards,”

⎯⎯ Fernanda Van Reeth and the whole Van Reeth family from Bruxelles

“I met Paolo Ercolani when I decided to buy a house in Val d'Orcia and crown an old dream. He immediately made a good impression on me and I was comfortable with all the steps involved in this adventure when I was still a stranger to the area. We found a property that I fell in love with at first sight and from there on, step by step, we completed all the necessary formalities for the purchase. Paolo always made me feel safe and calm, sensitive and a good interlocutor for all the aspects that were important to me. Since I did not yet live in Val d'Orcia, he also kindly and punctually carried out many small tasks for me that were not at all obvious and normally outside the scope of an agency's duties. When everything ended happily, I also had the impression that I had found a new friend with whom I gladly keep in touch.”

⎯⎯ Contessa Andreana Emo Capodilista – IT

“Our experience with the staff of Ercolani and the process of buying a home could not have been better. Communications were always prompt and their attention to the fine details while selecting a property, making an offer and closing the deal were perfect. We worked with other agencies that wanted to help us but the staff of Ercolani were much more helpful.”

⎯⎯ Frank & Sharon Roberts, Pennsylvania, USA

“We bought our house through Ecorlani in January 2005 having seen several properties in the previous autumn. Not only had Ercolani understood what we wanted and shown us a great selection, but they also made sure that they kept in touch as the protracted negotiations stumbled along – at one point we had written off the idea of buying the property completely! They patiently helped us through the final process of purchase (including getting a friends 4 wheel drive so we could get through the snow to the lawyer) and afterwards made sure we had sorted out all the odd bits and pieces of administration such as the codice fiscale. Driving with us to buy lights after we had moved in and discovered the previous occupants had walked off with all the fittings was especially memorable. We’d recommend them to anyone.”

⎯⎯ David and Rosalind Cleevely – UK

“I have bought my appartment in Umbria two years ago through Toscana Houses.They have shown me a little number of very selected houses, which was a great thing for me: If you live in France, and plan one single week in Italy, to visit more than 30 houses, then being concise and accurate is an advantage for an estate agency. With regards to assistance in language (my italian was very poor), as well as in italian administrative matters my contacts at Toscana Houses were always immediately responsive and efficient. I enjoy every day more my new italian home.”

⎯⎯ Patrick – UK